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Here's how this works: your first fork can be ANY PRICE (including 0Ξ) and 100% of it goes to charity.
If you want more than one fork, there is a minimum donation of 0.03Ξ and 100% of it goes to charity!
The wallet who mints a SINGLE FORK for the highest amount of ETH will recieve this really cool impermanent.digital 1/1 probably worth a whole bunch of ETH (at the very least, there's a 2Ξ offer to be accepted if you've got paper hands).
The current frontrunner of the gratitude gambit as of Sep-30-2021 10:09:16 AM +UTC is 0.350Ξ! (transaction)

Ryan (dad/dev) and Anna (daughter/artiste) are generating 5,555 forks as NFTsto celebrate the London Fork of the Ethereum Mainnet. You can pay what youwant to mint one, or pay a minimum amount to mint multiples. Every day afterminting starts, we’ll give away something cool and beautiful and non-fungibleto a random fork-holder from one of our co-forkers. 100% of the ETH that comesin via mint or royalties will be converted to USD and given to a charity that helpsto address hunger in our communities. We give a fork because F**K HUNGER. Roadmap: give everything away

In chronological order of their commitment to the project:


Very Important Questions:

How will you demonstrate that you are actually donating the proceeds? Why should anyone trust you?

First, if you'd rather donate directly, that would absolutely be better. There's no gas fees for giving to a food bank or any other charity, so we would absolutely encourage you to do that!
BUT, if you would like to own a piece of Anna's first NFT project and give to a good cause at the same time, here's how we'll hold ourselves accountable:
The project wallet,
, is published here on the website with a link to the Etherscan ledger.
Whenever ANYTHING moves out of that wallet, we will post proof of what happened to it (hopefully as a giant check or something!)

Who are you?

Anna Meyers is a senior in high school and draws a mean fork.
Ryan Meyers is the Director of Technology at St. George's Episcopal School and now lead dev for Lucky Maneki Community-Driven Project

If anyone has other ideas that would ease the minds of would-be minters, please let us know!
The charity we will be supporting, at least initially, is Second Harvest Food Bank

where's the forking crypto?

All ETH, XTZ, and NFT assets are stored in our project wallets, which we hope all interested parties will pay attention to and keep us accountable.
Ethereum (ETH) Wallet Address: forkhunger.eth
Tezos (XTZ) Wallet Address: forkhunger.tez
We are keeping an updated memo of all transactions on our site as well.